A Close Look at Four Trendy Diets on Diabetesmine.com

There’s a great post over at DiabetesMine by blogger AllisonB where she covers “four trendy diets” and how they impact people with diabetes. Allison contacted me last week for the article, to find out more on my experience on the Paleo diet and if/how I’m managing my diabetes with it. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity to give my 2 cents, and am really glad she gave me a mention!

Check out the post at http://www.diabetesmine.com/2012/03/a-close-look-at-four-trendy-diets.html – it’s definitely worth a read. And leave your comments to let her know your experience!


3 thoughts on “A Close Look at Four Trendy Diets on Diabetesmine.com

  1. I read her post, and I had to refrain from commenting because it annoyed me so much. My comment would have reflected my annoyance. Congrats to you for being mentioned though.

  2. Hey Rich – thx a lot man. Tell me – did you manage to work out your highs while trying the Paleo? Is that why you were annoyed, or was it a comment in her post?

  3. It was primarily due to her pointing out the benefits of Paleo, and then dubunking the benefits, with the so called “experts” think. The experts are the ones telling us to do the exact opposite of what’s making us healthy, so what the whole point of her article? It just seemed stupid.

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