Exciting times! #cgms #paleo

I’ve used a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System before when I was pumping but recently discovered the transmitter had died. This was disappointing, because since eating Paleo I’ve been getting awesome control of my blood sugar levels, and was really keen to get an overview of how my control is looking.

Thankfully I was able to get another transmitter and sensors, which arrived today. I’m now hooked up and wearing a ghost pump again – all it’s doing is capturing data. I’m really interested to see how my control is going to “visualize”, so if you’re interested be sure to stay tuned for updates on my readings.

Graph pics coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Exciting times! #cgms #paleo

  1. I started eating Paleo about a month ago, and I’m also eager to get CGM, so I can start to get control of my blood sugars. Ketosis keeps spiking my blood sugars, so it’s hard to keep it down.

  2. Hey Rich! I’m sorry to hear that, are you sure it’s ketones that are spiking your bg? Remember, ketones will form when your glucose is not available to your body due to lack to insulin, so basically your body is “starving”. You’ll probably need to look at upping your insulin, perhaps your basal rate.

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